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Environmental conservation:

We take great pains to cultivate with environmental protection. We do weed as much as possible on a mechanical way. Our own obervations in the nursery and the preventif system of observation and warnings (PCS) are used for the battle against diseases.

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Since 2000 our efforts in this matter are rewarded with a MPS-A qualification.


What's MPS?

"Milieu Project Sierteelt" (Environment Project Ornamental cultivation) is an internationnaly accredited environmental standard, based on registration of a number of evironmental issues. The goal of MPS is reducing to a minimum the environmental burdening for participating firms. It favours environment-friendly cultivation of plants, outlet and nursery-products of thousands of participants all over the world. Not only tree-nurserymen participate in this program, but also traders and retailers. Together they expert themselves for a better environment and make important environmental profits.

Why MPS?

  • Cultivation that is protective to the environment and socially responsible
  • Participation throughout the whole chain: from nurseryman to florist
  • Go along with growing environmental awareness
  • Effective system of registration
  • Profiling through qualification and vignette
  • Accredited qualifications
  • Results that are measurable

Environmental issues:

Every 4 weeks our nursery registers the consumption of these environmental issues:

  1. Meansfor crop-protection:
    • Obligatory registration of all means for crops-protection
    • Limited list of allowed means
    • Control of means for crops-protection, usd amounts and residuum. Applying biological devices, mechanical treatment of herbicids are being stimulated
    • Specific standards per group of crops
  2. Fertilizers:
    • Obligatory registration of all fertilizers
    • Efficient use is stimulated
    • Control of fertilizers and amounts
  3. Energy:
    • Obligatory registration of all energy sources
    • Efficcient usa and durable energy are being stimulated
    • Standars and control of the consumption of energy
  4. Waste:
    • Stimulation of adequate waste management and natural composting
    • Control of waste assorting

MPS made to measure:

  1. Buyers:
    Traders buying consciously MPS-products and fulfilling the MPS-demands can be recognised as MPS-traders. Having this recognition the trader can go along with the increasing demand of the market. As a MPS-trader he is allowed to use the MPS-vignette on resale.
  2. Retailers:
    Retailers consciously buying a certain percentage of MPS-products and fulfilling the MPS-demands can be recognised as MPS-retailers. MPS-reailers thus go along with the growing awareness for the environment and can offer the customer a "greener" alternative.


Judging by the registered data the MPS divides the firms in environmental qualification A, B or C. Businesses like ours, having obtained environmental qualification MPS-A, cultivate in a way that protects the environmental the best.

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