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 In 1832 Franciscus Op de Beeck (1797-1872) founded the business. In 1870 Armand Op de Beeck took it over from his father. In those days the firm already included some hectares of land and employed a permanent team of labourers to work it.


In 1899 the business was left over to Armand's to sons, Gustaaf (1874-1955) and Jozef Op de Beeck (1878-1962). Their business boomed enormously.

About 1910 tens of labourers worked an area of 50ha. The First World War ended this expansion.

After the war business boomed again, the good times were coming. The firm expanded to 70 ha and had more than 100 workers as permanent staff.

The growing of roses was an important part of it. The collection existed of more than 900 varieties and on a yearly basis about 1.000.000 rose-bushes were traded.

During the Depression in the thirties it became hard to sell plants. As a result both the growing area and staff had to be downsized. In the year 1937 Armand Op de Beeck (1913-1992) took over from his father Gustaaf's part. Jozef Op de Beeck on the other hand continued business under his own name till 1952, his firm was then taken over by Antoon Van Pelt.

After the Second World War new technical and mechanical appliances came about and the assortment was reduced. For a long time the cultivated area was 30ha, consisting of forestry plants and hedging material, standard trees and poplars.

Approximately 60% of production was exported, mainly to Holland, West-Germany and France.